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3 Steps to Prepare Your Roof for Winter

older home in the winter season

Your home’s roof protects you from harsh weather conditions. However, it can sustain heavy abuse in doing so—especially in the winter months. The combination of cold air, heavy snow, and near-constant moisture can strain any roof system.

This article looks at three ways to prepare your roof for winter.

1. Order a Roof Inspection

A roof with missing or cracked shingles and heavily worn segments may not adequately protect your home once winter arrives. Any existing damage will only worsen once the snow and ice hit.

Therefore, it’s important to order a complete roof inspection from a team of qualified professionals and complete any recommended repairs.

2. Trim Protruding, Weak, and Diseased Branches

When thinking of ways to prepare your roof for winter, it’s easy to focus on the roof directly, ignoring other elements that may affect it.

Trees close to your house can cause significant roof damage when the winter weather arrives if they are weak, diseased, or have heavy branches. These branches can crash onto your roof in a winter storm, so you should hire a tree pruning expert to eliminate the threat.

3. Clean Your Gutters and Downspouts

Clogged gutters can lead to several problems in the winter, including ice dams and roof leaks. If you ignore these issues long enough, your home’s foundation may weaken. Clear leaves, twigs, and other debris to help the gutters function optimally.

Prepare Your Roof for Winter with a Professional Inspection in Ellington, CT

Call Keith Gauvin Roofing today at (860) 324-4843 to schedule an inspection. Let us help confirm that your roof is ready for the harsh winter weather in Ellington, CT.

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