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How to Deal with Storm Damage to Your Roof

Storm Damaged Roof

Roofs can take a significant beating after a storm. However, the resulting damage will vary depending on the storm’s severity.

Whatever the situation, it’s important to know how to deal with storm damage to your roof. This article covers what you should do.

Inspect the Roof for Damage

The first thing you should do after a storm is to check for roof storm damage. Wait until the storm has passed and request a professional inspection.

Working with a professional roof inspection team that can spot all signs of damage is the best way to ensure proper documentation for all types of damage to your roof.

Take Steps to Minimize Property Damage

One of the most important things you need to know regarding how to deal with storm damage to your roof is to explore ways to minimize water damage to your home.

If the roof damage from the storm led to water leaks inside your living areas, you should take steps to protect your property.

 For instance, you can collect water with a garbage can or call a qualified roofing company for emergency tarp installation.

Reach Out to Your Insurance Company

In minor cases of storm damage, it’s often cheaper to hire a roofing company directly to take care of all relevant repairs. However, you should contact your insurance company for severe cases.

Get Emergency Storm Damage Repair Services in Ellington, CT

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